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Scholarship Guide The 5Cs of University Life NUS Scholar Lina Filzah Bte Samsul Muarif

The 5Cs of University Life

For fun-loving Lina, who is currently in the fourth year
of her Food Science and Technology Studies, this has nothing to do with the 5Cs of material aspiration—cash, car, credit card, condo, and country club. Sit tight as the NUS Global Merit Scholar takes you on a playful ride of her university life and offers candid advice on how prospective candidates can ace the selection process.

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Running After Success

As a student-athlete and NUS Sports Scholar, Levyn Wong has honed a variety of skills which has contributed to her success both on and off the field. She shares how cultivating resilience has enabled her to cross hurdles and bounce back after encountering setbacks in life. Apart from actively participating in a myriad of faculty and hall-related sporting events involving soccer, volleyball, road relay and track games, Levyn signed up to become a committee member of RUNNUS2020, an annual University-wide event.