Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Scholarship Guide?

Scholarship Guide is a website portal owned and managed by Scholarship Guide Pte Ltd. The website contains scholarships database and many other useful information. We also have a publication with the same name. We partner Scholarship Providers and institutes of higher learning so we can provide more information to students of JCs, IB diploma schools, polytechnics and universities in Singapore.

How does Scholarship Guide help students?

Students search for scholarships not only to fund their further education expenses but also to make good career choices. Scholarship Guide website contains a large database of scholarships and study awards offered by companies, ministries and government agencies that students can search and compare before making the final selection.

Register as a user here: and you can take advantage of all the functional options available at the site.

Search for Scholarships – If you are looking for financial support in the form of scholarships or study awards, you are looking at the right place. Our web portal contains a large database of scholarships and study awards.

Compare Scholarships – If you are considering multiple scholarships, use this tool for easy evaluation of your preferred scholarships.

Create One Resume for Multiple Applications – Take advantage of all the functional options of the web portal when you are a registered user. You can build your resume and store it safely online. The security of your personal data is important to us. Scholarship Guide has in place safeguards to protect your personal data stored with us.

Shortlist Your Favourite – As a registered user, you can mark your favourite scholarships and get back to them at a later time.

Student Scholarship Planner – A central note-taking space where you can track your scholarship research and preparation. This option will appear once you have shortlisted your favourite scholarships.

Set Alert – Be reminded of the application deadlines by setting the alert on.
Get Tips – Pick a tip or two from the articles written by the many scholars and experts from different industry backgrounds.

Get Emailers – You will not miss receiving updates on scholarship matters and other related news via our emailers if you sign up as a registered user.
I see many different articles like news coverage under the ‘Notice Board’ section.

Notice BoardThis section includes (but is not limited to) press releases by the different Scholarship Providers. The articles are shared for the benefit of our users particularly students, parents and teachers.

FAQ – Scholarship Application

Can I apply for scholarships through this website?

Yes, you can. You can apply for scholarships through our website by clicking the Apply button. But first, be sure you have built up your Resume with supporting documents uploaded. Some Scholarship Providers accept scholarship application only via their website. For these scholarships, you will be prompted that you will be redirected to their site when you click the Apply button.

Why does the message “You will be redirected to the Scholarship Provider’s site” appear when I click on the Apply button?

The message appears because the application for the scholarship cannot be done at the current site. The scholarship provider handles all scholarship application at its own site. Simply follow the application instructions given at the site. To apply there, you may need to fill up a separate application form.

When can I apply for scholarships?

Some scholarships are open for a longer period than others. Mid-term or short-term scholarships are usually open for the whole year.

Typically, scholarship providers offer two application windows. The application period is from September to November/December and January/February to March the following year for undergraduate scholarships.

You are encouraged to submit your application early as the interview dates may be set early.

To check for Open scholarships, click Select Scholarships and Refine Your Search by clicking ‘Ongoing’ under Scholarship Availability.

What supporting documents do I need to upload?

Upload all your educational certificates. You should also upload all documents that would give you the advantage and back up entries in your Scholarship Résumé.

You should also include certificates of participation for a sports or game competition.

Do I still need to submit a hardcopy application form after I have applied to Scholarship Guide web portal?

Once you have clicked the Apply button your scholarship resume will be sent to the Scholarship Provider. Do not send another application using hardcopy forms unless you are specifically asked to do so by the scholarship provider. Do not send any original certificates by mail

I have not sat for my A-Levels. Can I use my Preliminary exam results?

Yes, you can unless it is specified in the scholarship criteria. The Scholarship Provider will contact you for any further information.

Once you have received your final results, Login into your Student’s account and update your Scholarship Resume under Profile. Any changes will be reflected across all scholarship applications.

My academic grades are not good. Can I still apply for scholarships?

Yes, you can. Some Scholarship Providers do set minimum grade requirements but many others do not.

You can show your interest in the organisation by reading more about it and knowing its mission and vision. You can also demonstrate ‘soft’ skills like initiative, leadership and communication skills. Some Scholarship Providers look at positive personality traits, your sportsmanship and also your involvement in community work.

I am a diploma student/undergraduate – can I apply for scholarships / higher education courses?

Yes, you can. There are many scholarships and higher education opportunities open to diploma graduates/undergraduates.
To search for available scholarships for diploma holders or undergraduates, select ‘Polytechnic students’ at Search choose filter ‘Ongoing’ under Scholarship Availability.

How soon can I expect to hear from the Scholarship Provider(s) once I have submitted my scholarship application(s)?

There is no fixed time period – generally, you can expect to receive a reply within 1 to 2 months after the application cycle closes.

FAQ – User Profile

How can I change my personal particulars in my Resume?

Click on the Login/Register button to login to your student account.
Select Profile from the drop-down menu. Personal Particulars is listed first in the list on the left side of the screen. You can do your amendments accordingly.

Is my personal data safely stored in Scholarship Guide website?

The security of your personal data is important to us. Scholarship Guide has in place safeguards to protect your personal data stored with us.

Can I make changes to my scholarship profile after I have submitted my application?
Yes, but only before the application date closes. When you update the details on the Profile page, it will be auto-sync with your submitted applications.

FAQ – Parents or Guardian

Can I help my child apply for scholarships?

Application of scholarships has to be submitted by the students themselves. Students are encouraged to fill up their profile and complete their scholarship profile on their own.

This would enable them to get to know the Scholarship Provider well, as eventually, they will be working closely with them should they succeed in getting the scholarship. It is also beneficial for your child to be independent and showing his initiative which is a key attribute that many Scholarship Providers look for.

Why is family particulars information required in my child’s profile?

When students apply for scholarships, it would be best for parents to take an interest in the choices they make. Most scholarships come with a bond that requires an adult, usually a parent, to be the guarantor. By listing the parent’s particulars, it is in the hope that the student has some form of guidance in arriving at his/her decision on the scholarships he/she applies.

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