Going Beyond Law with NUS

A holistic university experience goes beyond the core curriculum. While the National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a law programme that she is interested in, NUS Global Merit Scholar Srinidhi made sure that she thoroughly researched the school’s culture, environment, and exchange programmes before making a choice that would affect the next four years of her life and beyond.

Srinidhi lets us in on her scholarship search and application experience and shares valuable tips on how to leverage extra-curricular activities to make her university life more enriching and meaningful.

All About Holistic Learning

I was already interested in the courses NUS had to offer for law. From my experience at the NUS Open House, I liked the culture and the atmosphere! It seemed like an environment that would help me gain a holistic university experience, so I chose NUS!

I felt that the scholarship would give me the opportunity to challenge myself and open doors to new learning experiences that would enrich my four years at NUS. Opportunities that the school offers, such as overseas exchange programmes, would play a part in helping me develop as a person while also making my university experience more meaningful.

On top of covering the tuition fees, living expenses, hostel fees, and computer expenses, the scholarship also offers a priority for on-campus dormitory stay!

Acing the Interview

The process is straightforward. There are some short answer questions that applicants need to respond to in addition to submitting a teacher reference and records of the extra-curricular activities they had participated in. The submission is followed by an interview, after which the results are released shortly.

I believe these three things made the difference in my interview: Firstly, having many different experiences through my extra-curricular activities in junior college. Secondly, I could clearly articulate a vision of what I wanted out of my university life. Finally, demonstrating how I can tap into all my experiences and add value to my peers. In addition, it is important to possess qualities such as passion and sincerity as a scholar!


A Fulfilling First Year

So far, the one-year experience has been new and challenging! I am learning to adapt to the new environment, academic expectations, and changes in the social scene. It has been liberating and interesting because there is flexibility and opportunities to try many new things! I am part of interest groups within my faculty and is also a member of the NUS Tamil Language Society. I can meet new people and try new things through these platforms, and I look forward to more of such experiences in the future.

NUS Global Merit Scholarship
Bachelor of Law, National University of Singapore
Now: Year 1 Undergraduate