Chasing the FinTech Dream

Meet Lee Yun Hui, a remarkable scholar whose journey with the SUSS Scholarship is nothing short of inspiring. In her quest to become a future FinTech powerhouse, Yun Hui’s story stands as a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative influence of education.

Navigating the demands of academics, work at a FinTech start-up, community service and mentoring, the Year 4 Finance major strikes a delicate balance between ambition and the responsibility of giving back. Her courage to pursue her FinTech dreams, supported by the SUSS Scholarship, serves as a guiding light for those navigating the challenges of university life.

Walk alongside Yun Hui in her compelling narrative to explore the unique strengths she discovered in the SUSS Scholarship and glean the invaluable tips she extends to those aspiring to tread a similar path.

A Finance Scholar’s Prudent Decision

As a Singapore Polytechnic graduate in Financial Informatics, I was introduced to the SUSS-SP “through-train” finance programme that significantly streamlined my university selection process—from the traditional four stages to only two. This accelerated pathway, combined with Singapore’s prominence as a financial hub, reinforced my commitment to pursuing a Finance major at SUSS.

Given my Finance background, I naturally approach decision-making with prudence and deliberation, particularly when making choices that impact my future professional endeavours. Securing the SUSS Scholarship was pivotal to alleviating my family’s financial burden so that I could focus on my pursuit of academic excellence. With aspirations to excel and contribute to the Finance field, I see the scholarship as a gateway to valuable opportunities, such as mentorship, internships, and networking events, providing a holistic foundation for a successful FinTech career.

The Responsibility to Give Back

Through the SUSS Scholarship, I have had the opportunity to connect with fellow scholars and expand my network for further collaborations and shared experiences. This has helped to broaden my perspectives and foster a sense of community that transcends academic pursuits.

Effort is the Key to Growth

The scholarship has also empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the SUSS community. The recognition and support from the scholarship instil a sense of responsibility to give back. I recall a talk delivered by Head of the Office of Student Life, SUSS Student SUcceSS Centre, Mr Harminder Singh at a scholarship networking event, where he explored the profound concept that giving is much more than receiving, articulating how giving, be it in the form of knowledge, mentorship, or support, carries intrinsic value beyond transactional exchanges. Mr Singh’s speech was a defining moment for me. His words shaped my perspective, influencing how I view my role in the community, deepening my gratitude for the scholarship’s opportunities, and sparking a commitment to give back. Putting my commitment into action, I am currently learning to mentor students facing academic challenges. Through mentorship, I aim to share my experiences, provide guidance, and uplift my peers in their educational journey.

My journey into university life has not been without challenges. Balancing the demands of academics, work, and extracurricular commitments has been a defining aspect of my journey.

In addition to handling school assignments and engaging in community service and mentorship programmes at SUSS, I am currently employed at ADDX—a FinTech start-up with a mission to democratise private capital markets. This delicate balancing act can be overwhelming at times, but I have since created a structured schedule to help me better manage my time across various commitments.

This experience has taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of seeking support during difficulties. I have also come to see challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement, each paving the way for me to become a more accomplished and well-rounded individual. This perspective continues to guide my approach to all pursuits in life, reminding me that growth often involves navigating challenges with determination and a positive mindset.

Bridging FinTech Futures

My career goal is to make a significant impact in FinTech, leveraging innovative technologies to contribute to transformative changes in the financial industry.

The SUSS Scholarship has been pivotal in helping me realise my aspirations. Besides the financial backing that allows me to focus on excelling in my studies, it equips me with valuable resources and connections crucial for establishing a robust foundation in FinTech.

Most of all, the scholarship allows me to pursue education at SUSS, a leading institution known for its dedicated focus on FinTech. With SUSS’ rigorous FinTech curriculum, I am confident of becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional ready for this rapidly evolving industry.

Tips for Aspiring FinTech Scholars

To aspiring scholars applying to the SUSS Finance programme, I offer three tips that have shaped my journey, with the hope that they will also help you in yours. These are also the tips I recently shared when I received the SUSS-SME Young Executive Development Best Intern Award 2023.

My first advice is to cultivate a growth mindset and recognise that every obstacle presents a unique opportunity for development. This mindset not only fosters achievement but also serves as a valuable asset during scholarship applications and interviews.

My second advice is to learn and adapt quickly, a crucial skill in the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the FinTech space that poses steep learning curves for everyone. Fast adaptation reflects your ability to think on your feet and find solutions in real-time. This is a valuable skill in academia and beyond.

Lastly, based on my collaborative experiences at ADDX and networking roles, such as serving as an equity research analyst in the SUSS Investment Group and acting as the finance lead for Social Gifting, I strongly advocate for students and scholars to prioritise expanding their connections beyond their immediate circles. The diverse perspectives and collective wisdom gained from these engagements provided valuable insights into myself and also deepened my understanding of interpersonal dynamics and life as a whole.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s enduring words, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” have guided me through moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. Whether your calling lies in FinTech or elsewhere, may these words inspire you to dream big and believe in the beauty of your aspirations!

SUSS Scholarship
Now: Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor in Analytics, Year 4, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
From: Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Financial Informatics

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