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Scholarship Guide Webinar: The Mastery of Content Marketing: Learning From Brands Who Do It Best

Save the date of our upcoming Scholarship Guide webinar, as we invite Dr. Wei, Senior Lecturer in Marketing Programmme at SUSS, to share how prominent brands deploy successful marketing content strategies to benefit their business and how companies leverage the power of influencer marketing to build personal connections with consumers. 

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A Good Attitude; Amongst Other Things Money Cannot Buy

Learning at the Singapore University of Social Sciences is more than just books and mugging for exams. The unique educational philosophy of experiential and applied learning opportunities, coupled with a heavy focus on encouraging students to give back meaningfully to society, instills in them, the essential qualities of “Head, Heart and Habit”, for a holistic and interdisciplinary learning experience. As a Year 3 Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor in Algorithmic Development undergraduate and SUSS Scholar, Cheong Shiu Hong, the unique education experience was not only eye-opening, it helped him recognise his dreams and passion too.