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Scholarship Guide NUS Scholar Joel Sherard Chow

As a Law student, NUS Merit Scholar Joel has been giving legal assistance to Singapore Armed Forces servicemen.

Why Did You Choose To Pursue Your Course of Study at NUS?

I have always been keenly ­interested in Law, and I chose NUS because of its excellent track record as Asia’s top law school. Furthermore, I believe that the ­Double Degree in Business Administration and Law is incredibly versatile and broad, providing for flexible career options.

Why Did You Accept the NUS Merit Scholarship?

he NUS Merit Scholarship, unlike most ­other undergraduate scholarships, is bond-free. Other than giving me the flexibility to ­pursue different career paths, it also means that I can be called to the bar and practise as a lawyer. Most other scholarships do not give law students this option as organisations often require students to start work with them immediately upon graduation.

What Was the Application Process Like?

The application process was simple in comparison to many of the other scholarships available. I had to complete an online application form which comprises a personal statement, along with copies of my co-curricular records and a letter of recommendation.

Why Do You Think You Were Awarded the Scholarship, and What Are the Qualities a Scholar Should Possess?

I am grateful to the university for awarding me the NUS Merit Scholarship. I do not believe that there is a fixed ‘type’ of scholar that NUS is looking for. NUS Scholars come from many different backgrounds, each with their own unique story. As such, it is important to be yourself and be ­passionate about a cause. Let this ­passion shine through in your personal statement and during your interview.

What Are the Benefits of Taking up an NUS Scholarship?

The scholarship covers NUS tuition fees and provides a living allowance and ­computer allowance. It also guarantees an offer of a Student Exchange Programme and on-campus accommodation. These go far in helping to develop and supplement your overall educational experience at NUS.

How Has Your NUS Experience Been, and What Programmes and Activities Have You Participated in So Far?

As an NUS Law student, you will have to work hard. However, there are plenty of opportunities for students to ­develop themselves outside of the classroom. In 2016, I participated in the Law Faculty Rag & Flag Day Performance which gave me the opportunity to bond with my fellow freshmen and make new friends along the way.

In 2017, I returned to ­facilitate the performance for a second year as a ­member of the Law Rag Committee. I was also a councillor at Law Camp 2017, ­helping the freshmen make new friends and adapt to the ­university environment. I have also been actively involved in ­mooting competitions in ­Singapore and abroad. These ­competitions offer law students an opportunity to debate legal issues and hone one’s oral advocacy skills. As President of the NUS Law Mooting & Debating Club, I have also had the opportunity to work with law firms to organise such competitions for other students. I am also a part of the Military Justice Project, which seeks to provide accessible legal assistance to Singapore Armed Forces servicemen. These activities have made law school far more enriching and taught me new skills in many different areas beyond the classroom.

NUS Merit Scholarship
Now: Second year at NUS doing double degrees in Business Administration and Law
From: Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

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