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BCA Undergraduate Scholar Tan Jing Ying Reveals Her Plans to Shape the Built Environment Sector.

Tell Us What Sparked Your Interest in the Built Environment Industry.

Seeing our city’s skyline change as Singapore developed over the years has allowed me to appreciate the value of the work done by many professionals in the Built Environment sector. It is really thanks to them that we have our Singapore today. It was certainly not an easy feat in a land-scarce country; we are now building higher towards the sky and deeper into the ground. This appreciation kindled my interest to find out how theoretical knowledge could be applied to shape our physical landscape, overcome structural challenges and achieve architectural dreams, such as the famed SkyPark of Marina Bay Sands and the dome structure of National Stadium.

What Convinced You to Sign Up for the BCA Scholarship?

For an industry to advance, the active participation and cooperation of all industry players is required. However, this would not be possible without an effective policy to align the vision and objectives of all stakeholders.

As the regulator of the Built Environment industry, BCA plays a key role and is the driver of change, with every decision and policy having a profound and long-term impact on the industry. In recognizing the importance of BCA’s role, I signed up for the BCA Scholarship in hope of pursuing a dynamic and meaningful career, in which my time and effort would contribute to shaping policies aimed at building a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment.

What Were Your Dreams When You Decided To Take up a BCA Scholarship? Have They Changed as You Learned More About the Industry? Why?

When I first decided to take up BCA Scholarship, I wanted to apply my technical knowledge and expertise to making sure buildings are safe for all in Singapore.

My aspirations were further reaffirmed as I learned more about the built environment industry. As the industry develops, increasing emphasis is being placed on facets beyond building safety, including but not limited to construction productivity and sustainability. This transformation of the Built Environment industry involves the adoption of new technologies, new materials and new methods of construction. It is more crucial now than ever to ensure that building safety is not compromised in our drive for productivity and sustainability.

How Do You Aim To Contribute to BCA and the Industry in the Future?

I look forward to applying my knowledge and learning experience to work with my colleagues in reviewing BCA’s policies and regulations to enhance the robustness of Singapore’s building control regulatory framework. With the advent of new methods of construction and innovative materials, it is important to ensure that our building control regulations are up to date with the latest developments of the built environment industry.

I am also keen to work on the many challenging and exciting projects in BCA, such as the development and implementation of an automatic building plan checker. I especially hope that my efforts and contributions to these projects would go a long way in enhancing building safety in Singapore.

Share With Us Your Previous and Current Job Scope.

I am currently on a short stint with Arup Singapore Pte Ltd, a building consultant in Singapore. My job scope involves assisting in tender support and running ongoing construction projects. The attachment with Arup Singapore is an invaluable opportunity to gain design experience and better understand the challenges faced on the ground.

Prior to this, I was posted to the Policy and Regulations Department (Building Engineering Group) of BCA. My work involves processing applications for structural plans approval and permits to commence work, reviewing policies and building control regulations, and attending to public enquiry and feedback. My stint at BCA helped strengthen my technical competency, and provided exposure to the processes and considerations behind crafting and implementation of policies and regulations to move the industry forward.

BCA Local Undergraduate Scholarship
Attained: Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Now: Engineer, Arup Singapore Pte Ltd (current attachment)
From: Anderson Junior College (now known as Anderson Serangoon Junior College)

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