Leaving No One Behind in Singapore’s Digital Future. Are You In?

Our Digital Future is a key enabler for Singapore’s economy and society. It has transformed the way we live, work, and play. And it is here to stay. The question is, are you ready for the future? At the rate technology is advancing, what we know today changes tomorrow, and we all need help keeping up. 

In a society that leaves no one behind, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is dedicated to creating a Digital Future where businesses thrive in a vibrant Digital Economy and every Singaporean can participate meaningfully in an inclusive Digital Society.

Paving The Road to Singapore’s Digital Economy

IMDA works with industry partners and other private organisations to develop and implement programmes to place and train Singaporeans in meaningful roles in tech. It pushes the boundaries on frontier technologies through efforts such as facilitating companies to test new 5G use cases (e.g., the use of drones and autonomous vessels in the maritime sector) and creating tools to help companies responsibly embed AI in new products and services.

The government agency also provides additional support for small and medium enterprises to digitalise, including access to grants for useful digital solutions and suitable training for staff to improve their digital skills. These diverse initiatives ensure that all businesses in Singapore, large and small, can reap the benefits of digitalisation and grow in the Digital Economy.

Bridging The Digital Divide; Leaving No One Offline

As the Digital Economy powers ahead, IMDA works with the community to ensure every Singaporean can access digital services. These include subsidised broadband access and devices for the needy, helping the elderly learn how to buy, transact, and connect with friends online, and helping hawkers go digital. IMDA also curates programmes that nurture interest in digital among students and teach students computational skills to prep them for the Digital Future.

Want To Be a Part of All These Tech Action? Join IMDA As a Digital Architect

To ensure a steady stream of young Infocomm technology and media talents for Singapore’s Digital Future, IMDA has put in place various young talent initiatives targeting graduating students from pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions to expose them to the myriad of IMDA’s core work. Here are some of IMDA’s young talent initiatives:

Smart Nation Scholarship (SNS)

IMDA is one of the three government agencies (besides Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and the Government Technology Agency) to jointly offer the SNS scholarship with the goal to nurture Singapore’s future leaders in technology. SNS scholars are exceptional young individuals with a strong passion for making a difference in the nation’s digital transformation. They will be groomed for leadership positions in technology and take on key roles in national projects. 

Associate in Infocomm Media (AIM) Graduate Development Programme

Graduating young talents can join IMDA under the two-year AIM programme and immerse themselves in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with the opportunity to rotate across IMDA’s different functions and gain the breadth and exposure of driving the Digital Economy and fostering a Digital Society.

AIM officers can look forward to building literacy and deepening existing capabilities in key biz-tech areas, developing leadership competencies, receiving mentorship from senior leaders on career development, and obtaining opportunities to work in cross-division task forces and committees. 

IMDA IMmersion Internship Programme

The IMDA IMmersion Internship Programme is designed to provide broad insights and interesting learning opportunities for students in higher education. Interns get to work on real-life projects while experiencing IMDA’s work culture and networking with like-minded individuals, shaping the nation’s dynamic digital economy and digital society.

If you are passionate about tech, join us at IMDA as an Architect of Singapore’s Digital Future! Visit imda.gov.sg or follow @IMDAsg on social media to learn more.