How to Sustain Current Relationships into University and Beyond

The release of the A-Level results marks the end of an era. But you don’t have to say goodbye to all those beautiful friendships and invaluable teacher-student connections that you have forged over the years in college. These relationships hold the power to enrich you, bring you comfort, and shape your path towards personal and professional fulfilment, and they should be cherished for a lifetime. Follow these tips to nurture and cultivate your network of support beyond college years and into the future.

Building Enduring Friendships

Show your appreciation.

Often people don’t know how important they are to you until you tell them. It’s also nice to have your feelings and actions reciprocated. So don’t wait to tell your friends you are thankful for them. And let them know you will continue to be there for them.

Stay in touch.

Don’t count on what they post on Instagram to keep up with their lives. Reach out and make a real connection. 

Commit to staying in touch by agreeing on a schedule for when to call each other, such as every Sunday or at the end of each month. Be realistic about the timelines. We all know how life can get in the way, so don’t overpromise. 

But you don’t have to wait for your next scheduled call to tell your friends you are thinking of them. Those quick casual hello texts and fun memory messages are the easiest to send and the most delightful thing to receive every now and then.

But remember, not everyone likes to call or text. Some people prefer to catch up in person. So if someone is planning a class gathering, try your best to turn up. And appreciate the organiser’s efforts because it is not easy to get people together when everyone’s busy with their own lives.

Travel together.

They say travelling is a true test of friendship, where you figure things out together, make decisions together, and stick it out together. And what better way to spend the time you take off from studies or work than travelling with your friends from college? 

And speaking of travel, if any of your friends decide to study abroad or relocate in the future, it gives you the perfect reason to plan a holiday to visit them.

Be there for each other.

Life is not a bed of roses. And when the going gets tough, that’s when friendships come in to save the day. So be available when your friends need you. Be a good listener and allow them to confide in you freely without worrying about being judged. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

And when the roles reverse, open your doors and let them come to your rescue. Accepting their help shows that you trust them and are willing to be vulnerable with them. It also gives your friends the satisfaction of being able to support you in your time of need.

Give each other space.

Sustaining a friendship is not all about maintaining constant contact. A supportive friend will respect your boundaries and give you space and time to grow. While they might only check in on you occasionally, they are ready to pick you up any time you fall. True friends support your goals and want to see you succeed. If you feel that a relationship is draining, toxic, or smothering you, then it isn’t working. And you must know when to step away.

Teacher Allies for Life

Show your appreciation.

Let your teachers and mentors know you are grateful for their guidance and support. Whether it’s through a handwritten note, an email, or even a personal conversation, your teachers will appreciate your heartfelt thank-you messages.

Stay in touch.

Reach out to your teachers occasionally to update them on your progress, achievements, or any significant milestones. Learning about the success of their former students is incredibly rewarding for the teachers. It serves as a validation of their hard work and reminds them of the important role they play in shaping the future generation.

Seek advice and collaborations.

Whenever in doubt, whether it is related to a subject or about your own career path, consider reaching out to your former teachers for advice or guidance. You can also initiate collaboration on a project to continue learning from them and show them your skills. 

Connect through the alumni network and LinkedIn.

Maintain connections with your teachers and school mentors by staying engaged with your alma mater’s community and attending alumni reunions. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn to share your professional updates or initiate discussions. 


Sincerity and commitment are the key ingredients for a lasting relationship. Invest in them, and they may be the most worthwhile experience in your life.

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