Are You Scholarship Material? What To Wear to a Scholarship Interview (Him & Her)

Scholarship Guide Interview

​Wear a tie or a jacket, a dress or pantsuit? Perplexed about what to wear to that scholarship interview? Choosing the right scholarship interview attire is a must. NTU HEY! Magazine speaks to some experts for suggestions.

For Him

Outfit Idea #1: Don’t be too casual as it may suggest you are not very serious about the scholarship, say experts. So even if you’re interviewing for an arts scholarship, it won’t be wise to turn up in jeans and a T-shirt. If you’d like to show your creative side, a possible ensemble is this preppy sweater-and-shirt combo in soft, neutral hues.

Outfit Idea #2: A desire to look smart doesn’t always mean white shirt, black suit. For a twist on the usual, you can opt for a coloured suit in blue or grey, which will make you stand out from the pack. Don’t forget your tie and a pair of smart, well-polished shoes too. Interview experts say it’s always better to show up with a tie.

Outfit Idea #3: A black suit is always a safe choice but if you’re more adventurous and aren’t heat-averse, throw on a solid-hued sweater over the shirt. This adds a pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome palette.

For Her

Outfit Idea #1: When showing up for an interview in a dress, it’s better to err on the side of caution and pick one that isn’t too tight, short or flashy. A dress in a classic shade like navy blue is recommended, and for more pizzazz, consider one that has unique details like a mesh collar. Heels should help you complete the look – as long as you can stride confidently in them!

Outfit Idea #2: White and grey is a fail-safe combination anyone can pull off. Just pick a simple but interesting blouse and pair it with either well-fitting slacks or a knee-length pencil skirt. If you’d like to spice up the outfit, wear some jewellery, but nothing too huge or shiny which could be distracting.

Outfit Idea #3: Don’t be shy to make an impact with shapes that are unassuming but strong. An example is a grey shift dress with a graphic print, a big trend these days. A mock turtleneck would also seem to shout “professionalism” and remind interviewers you are serious.