5 Things Every 20-year-old Should Know Before Entering the Workforce

Entering the Workforce

As you transition into the working life after graduating from school, you might be filled with questions on what are some things you can do to prepare yourself for the workforce. 

Are you equipped with the right mindset? What are some lessons that you weren’t taught back in school? 

The working life is not easy but it isn’t necessarily as difficult as it may seem if you mentally prepare yourself well!

Here is a list of the things that may help you feel more confident before embarking on your work-life journey:

Your Social Media Accounts Play a Part in Your Job Hunt

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You are probably very familiar with these social media applications. But have you ever thought about what kind of impression your social media accounts portray you in the eyes of your potential employer?

Most companies would do a quick background check on potential employees and your social media account is one of the places they will look into. They might take a brief glance at your posts and photos to get a slightly better idea of their potential hire. 

Do you curse and swear a lot in your social media posts? Or is your Facebook album filled with photos of you and your buddies getting wasted at parties every weekend? 

This is where the initial impression is set even before you and your potential employer meet in person. So time to clean up your social media accounts and leave a good impression!

Put in Your Best Effort Always Because Hard Work Pays Off

As humans, it is understandable that we all feel a little off or even lazy from time to time. However, constantly not giving your best at work is going to hurt you in the long run. 

Picture yourself as a boss of your own company. Would you feel good if one of your employees is constantly slacking off while the rest of the team is giving their best efforts?

By giving your best effort in every task that you do, regardless of the importance of it, helps leave a good impression in the eyes of your employer. Furthermore, it allows you to become more competent with each completed task and you stand to gain by being able to complete tasks efficiently and effectively!

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A Successful Career is Built on the Foundation of Networking and Establishing Good Relationships

Well, this doesn’t mean you just have to buy your boss coffee every morning and you will become successful at work! 

Most individuals who achieved success at their workplace will attribute a big part of it to having established great relationships with their colleagues, superiors and clients. This means having genuine and sincere relationships with people without expecting anything in return. 

The path we walk on is paved by ourselves. So lay down a good foundation and build genuine relationships with your peers because you never know when you may need some help from them.

Dress Appropriately Because First Impressions Count

Always dress appropriately for the occasion. Your physical appearance is not everything but it is the first thing that people will look at. Don’t show up to your interview or first day of work dressing sloppily and looking unprofessional. 

Also, remember that there is an outfit for every occasion. You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to the gym and you wouldn’t wear your swimsuit to the supermarket. So an outfit that is appropriate for a certain occasion might not be suitable for another. 

Do spend some time finding clothes and outfits that suit you and the occasion that you are attending. By putting in some effort to look good, you will naturally feel good and more confident about yourself as well!

Be Coachable. Feedback (Both Positive and Negative) is Important to Help You Improve and Grow

We all enjoy hearing praises and encouraging comments about ourselves. It makes us feel good and confident about ourselves. However, criticism and certain feedback that may not sound so pleasant are actually very important too. 

All comments and feedback will help us improve one way or another. Do not take it too personally, but look at these feedback from a professional point of view and use it to better yourself. 

Having a right mindset and mentality will help you deal with all sorts of comments and feedback that you may receive. Take it with the right attitude and you will find yourself improving faster than you expect!