472 individuals conferred iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship Awards

BCA Scholars

– The Built Environment (BE) sector continues to offer aspiring entrants exciting opportunities, especially emerging job roles in key transformation areas

At BCA’s iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship Award Ceremony this morning, 472 scholarship and sponsorship award recipients were recognised for their dedication and hard work, a substantial increase from last year’s 351 recipients. Mr Tan Kiat How, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office and in the Ministry of National Development, graced the award ceremony and shared with the recipients how industry transformation has created higher-skilled job roles for professionals in the Built Environment (BE) sector, particularly in key areas such as Design for Manufacturing Assembly (DfMA)[1] and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)[2]. Mr Tan also encouraged the recipients to refer to the recently launched Skills Framework for the Built Environment[3], to understand the skills and competencies required for various job roles in the sector, as well as the possible career progression pathways.

BE Career Progression Referencing the Skills Framework for Built Environment

2          BCA has been working closely with industry stakeholders to help firms and individuals adopt the Skills Framework for Built Environment. Firms can refer to the Skills Framework to bolster their HR practices. For example, the Skills Framework can be used to help firms identify any skills gaps amongst their employees and plan for their training and career progression. Individuals themselves can better understand the skills required to take on jobs in the transformational areas and proactively equip themselves with the relevant skills to progress in their careers or take on a new challenge in a different career track.

3          For example, Mr Wong Teck Hong started out in 2011 as a Structural Engineer at Meinhardt (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a global engineering practice based in Singapore. He went on to complete a master’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2015 and attained his Professional Engineer certification a year later. Coupled with on-the-job skills he acquired in areas such as planning, design and personnel management, he received three promotions in eight years, rapidly moving through the ranks to become a Technical Director. Currently, he leads a team of nine engineers and BIM[4] Modellers.

4          He has also worked on several notable projects, such as the Singapore Management University Connexion, Singapore’s first on-site net zero building, and sustainable commercial developments like the Marina Bay Financial Centre and state-of-the-art healthcare developments like the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and the neighbouring Centre for Healthcare Innovation Singapore. Teck Hong’s career journey follows the Engineering Consultancy and Design career track under the Skills Framework for Built Environment. Teck Hong’s career growth is an example of how individuals can adopt the Skills Framework.

New Job Roles with Industry Transformation

5          As the sector continues its transformation journey, new job roles in emerging areas are being created, which require a skilled and competent workforce to fill. Mr Teh Ming Xuan, an iBuildSG scholarship recipient this year, is currently a Planning Engineer at Kimly Construction Pte Ltd, a construction company with 55 years of history that built Singapore’s first “high-rise” junior college – the Eunoia Junior College. Ming Xuan is currently working on projects involving DfMA and advanced digital solutions that improve efficiency and allow for greater collaboration amongst project teams. These include implementing a logistics and quality management system that allows the management of quality of PPVC[5] modules.

6          Ming Xuan had taken on an internship at Kimly after learning that the company is a leader in innovative technologies. During his 8-month long internship, he had the opportunity to work in three departments, gaining valuable experience and cementing his interest in DfMA and IDD. He was subsequently offered a scholarship and a position at Kimly.

7          Mr Kelvin Wong, BCA CEO, congratulates all the recipients of the iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship Awards. He said, “While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the BE sector, the sector is aware of the need to push on with its transformation efforts in order to build more efficiently and reduce its reliance on manpower. This means that there will be an increase in demand for competent and capable professionals who are proficient in transformational areas such as DfMA and IDD. We are working closely with the sector to encourage adoption of our initiatives, such as training programmes and the Skills Framework, to support our shared ambitions. I am glad that the sector recognises the importance of grooming a capable and resilient workforce, and has taken firm steps in working with tripartite partners to achieve this common goal.”

[1] DfMA involves construction being designed for manufacturing off-site in a controlled factory environment, before being assembled on-site.

[2] Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) uses digital technologies to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders working on the same project throughout the construction and building process.

[3] More information on the Skills Framework for Built Environment can be found at https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/skills-framework/built-environment

[4] Building Information Modelling (BIM): BIM technology is a 3D model-based process that allows architects and engineers to plan, design and build virtually, improving the accuracy of construction plans and reducing abortive works later.

[5] Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC): A construction method whereby free-standing 3-dimensional modules are completed with internal finishes, fixtures and fittings in an off-site fabrication facility, before it is delivered and installed on-site. PPVC allows construction firms to build in a “lego-like” manner.

This article was first published on 25 January 2021 on BCA site: https://www1.bca.gov.sg/about-us/news-and-publications/media-releases/2021/01/25/472-individuals-conferred-ibuildsg-scholarship-and-sponsorship-awards