13 People You Need In Your Life

Like attracts like, and so your vibe attracts your tribe. Likewise, the people you hang out with will rub off their energy on you. So, if you want to be awesome, start surrounding yourself with awesome people.

Scroll through your network and attach names to this list of “13 people you need in your life”. One person can take on multiple traits, so it does not have to be 13 different people.

Keep those you can count on day in and day out close to you. Identify those who can lift you up and help you grow and never let them go. Whilst you are at it, you may also want to decide who to detox from your life.

After all, life is a huge collaboration. And as much as you need others, others need you too. So be sure to be the same awesome person back for them.

1. The Cheerleader 

The cheerleader is your full-time supporter who will root for your success. When you fall, they will tell you to pick yourself up, dust yourself, and keep going. They cheer you on, believing in you even when you don’t, and they will go out of their way to help you. In their company, you learn to believe in yourself, to keep pushing, and to never settle or give up.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life optimist

2. The Optimist

The optimist is the flashlight in your dark caves of despair. They encourage you through tough times and help you see the silver lining. They do not just see the cup half full but will rejoice over having the potential to fill an empty cup to the brim. They may be a dreamer or a philosopher, but they definitely want the best to work out for you. They teach you positivity and endurance. And in their company, you learn to view the world through a different lens. 

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life energiser

3. The Energiser

Do you have that one friend who can get you all hyped-up and excited every time you hang out with them? Is there always that one person who can help stimulate great ideas in a discussion and bring new motivation to the team? These people are fun and enthusiastic, the life-of-a-party, or at least your party. Whenever you feel drained, exhausted, and uninspired, turn to your energiser to recharge and find that mojo to get back on the grind. Keep them around to help you rediscover your spontaneity, self-confidence, and a world of possibilities.  

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life booble honest

4. The Brutally Honest

This person plays the devil’s advocate, and they are not afraid to question and scrutinise your ideas and plans honestly. They will not sugar-coat their opinions and will tell you the hard truths whether you like it or not. They shall support you in their pragmatic ways by getting you to re-evaluate what you know and analyse every option before you make a move. The brutally honest role may not be the most popular, but everybody needs such a person around to remind them of their blind spots, bring them back to reality, and force them to confront their weaknesses.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life listener

5. The Listener

Enough with the energy and opinions. Sometimes you just need a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on—the friend with the big ear. These people listen to you and try to understand your goals and challenges. They may or may not advise you, and it does not matter because all you need them to do is empathise with you and always be there.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life chill hammock

6. The Chill One

The difference between an energiser and the chill one is that whilst one is highly strung, the other takes things as they come and can help you relax. Both will help you recharge your batteries. Spend time with people who can help you forget your stresses and worries. Some people have a way with others to calm them down and make them feel at peace. Have these people around to remind you to take care of your spiritual wellness and learn to appreciate time and experiences. 

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life authentic mask

7. The Authentic One

And finally, that someone you can just be real with. You never have to pretend around these people because they behave the same way around you too. There is no need to act, impress, or be on your guard with them. You are comfortable opening your whole self to them, showing your vulnerability, and expressing your emotions. Even when you screw up, they do not judge. They love you for who you are. They are generous and kind-hearted friends who truly want to see that you progress.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life chess strategist

8. The Strategist

There is always a planner in the group. When things need structure amidst the chaos, they emerge to lead the pack, knowing exactly what to do and having a checklist of confident next steps. They are that someone you can count on to help you get back on track—not just giving you advice but working with you to create a game plan. This person can be a peer whom you trust and respect or an older wiser person whom you turn to for seasoned advice or a mentor within your professional field.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life emergency specialist

9. The Emergency Specialist

Be sure to include this fearless fella in one of the top spots in your emergency dial. They come to your rescue with a thick, comforting blanket and Captain America’s indestructible shield. Their composure is what you need in times of panic. They take bold steps and are not afraid to face challenges head-on. They will show you how to get past impediments and fix mistakes, moving you in the right direction.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life coach

10. The Coach

These people have been there and done that. They are the older and wiser versions that have been in your shoes and know better. They will guide you on your goals and help you reach your full potential. They let you do the talking, give you space to reflect, and let you find your own solution. Although they do not spoon-feed you and hold your hand in every step, they will always watch over you and be ready to catch you when you stumble, pushing you to do better. The coach will teach you how to learn independently.

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life mentor

11. The Mentor

Find someone with experience and success in your professional field and learn from them. Mentors can lend you insights based on their experiences, open doors to untapped opportunities, empower you to explore unfamiliar pathways, and teach you to navigate unforeseen challenges. Most importantly, a mentor is invested in your success. They are concerned about your growth and are willing to provide advice, guidance, and perspective as you go through your journey. Your achievement is a testament to their mentoring skills. So, it’s a win-win!

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life the role model

12. The Role Model

What separates the role model from a mentor is that the role model is an inspirational figure who may be more distant from you than a mentor and does not guide you through the hurdles of success—at least not directly. You admire their work and character. And although they may not even know you, you follow their journey closely because there is something you can learn from them. 

Scholarship Guide 13 People You Need In Your Life connection expert

13. The Connections Expert

Relationships are the source of many opportunities, and these are people with a deep network who know someone for any possible need. These people are beneficial in your professional development and can easily be the key to your success. Be sure to get in their good books. Even better if you find out that your connections have goals that complement yours, and so you can leverage each other for support and reference.

Now that you know what you are looking for, is your treasure box of humans brimming with gems? The rare ones, especially, never take them for granted. Tell them what they mean to you, thank them, and be a gem back to them. Don’t lose your diamonds while you are busy collecting stones—obsessing over your social media following, that is. Open your eyes and look in the right places. Who knows? You may find hidden jewels in your backyard.