Scholarships: A Stepping Stone To Long-term Success

Scholarship Guide Scholarships: A Stepping Stone to Long-Term Success

​Why apply for a scholarship? The perception of scholarships vastly varies amongst students. Consequently, this has delayed potential scholarship recipients from clinching offers that could catapult their careers. Although there is much deliberation, scepticism and misconceptions surrounding scholarships, it is important to highlight the long-term impacts when it comes to receiving one. Scholarships make education more accessible to all income groups and offer job opportunities that are within arm’s reach.

Some people are wary of scholarships (learn to recognise and avoid scholarship scams) because they often wonder “what is the catch?” Why anyone would willingly pay for their education goes beyond their understanding. Simply put, when students excel in school without it being burdensome or postponed, this could evidently translate to national growth and a greater society as a whole.

The plethora of benefits found in having a scholarship are said to last longer than cash. In this article, we explore how a scholarship can be seen as a valuable asset to any academic and career endeavour.

A Career-Guarantee

With access to internships and the best opportunities and guidance, a scholar can look forward to faster career progression in the long run. Many scholarships are tied to reputable and established industry-related organisations. As such, scholarships offer guaranteed career opportunities upon graduation. Instead of worrying about whether or not you will be able to secure a job after school, scholars are assured that their future is set in notable organisations despite the economic climate. With the ever-changing work landscape and ensuing uncertainties, scholarships serve as a strong bridge between university and industry.

Elimination of Stress and Worry

Without the financial burden weighing heavily on the shoulders of young graduates, scholars can focus on studying without the pressures of making money simultaneously. With a scholarship in hand, students are given the time and energy to properly enjoy school life to the fullest. Scholars can enhance their learning and experiences by getting involved in student activities instead of getting a job prematurely.

There are many students who consider opting for student loans without even trying to apply for a scholarship because they assume they are not capable of receiving one according to their own standards. This unfounded belief could potentially sabotage their academic journey in the process. Even student loans can be stressful as the first thought upon graduation is the impending debt and accruing interest that needs to be paid off. In other words, when it comes to student loans, the financial stress is not fully eliminated, only postponed.

Prestige and Progression

An article from University Affairs explained that attaining small awards is often instrumental in winning more prestigious scholarships later on. The simple process of such awards makes applications easier and more attainable for individuals. Although seemingly insignificant, receiving these smaller awards will boost your scholarship applications and increase your likelihood of receiving one. Having a scholarship award on your resume will give you a competitive edge over your peers as it demonstrates the skills and attributes you have developed to prospective employers.

A Confidence Booster

Being identified as a scholar immediately sounds prestigious to anyone hearing it. Although this benefit is intangible, receiving a scholarship can put you in a positive professional light and reinforce your self-confidence in the process. Scholars also make better job candidates as they are known to be smart, disciplined and committed to long-term partnerships. Considering the competitive nature of scholarships, future employers may view this as an “against all odds” accomplishment. Having a scholarship (or a few) marked on your resume can go a long way with hiring professionals. Chosen candidates can confidently carry their scholarship as a badge of honour.

Contributes to National Growth

In the above-mentioned pointers, we discussed personal gains and while that is rightfully important, it is critical to recognise a scholarship as an asset that goes well beyond yourself. As a country with limited natural resources, the government has viewed its people as its most valuable asset. By encouraging education and making it accessible to people from all backgrounds, Singaporeans understand the value of education as an important foundation and stepping stone for success. By linking capable students to government organisations, local talent becomes the backbone of our country’s growth and progression. In turn, this creates more job opportunities and expands our capacity to meet our national needs instead of depending on external forces for aid. This generally elevates our global standing as a whole and positions our country strategically.