Scholarship Guide Webinar: Stress Management – Simple Habits To Manage Stress


Thank you everyone for taking part in another instalment of Scholarship Guide Webinar series. For those who have missed our webinar session, you may view the recording and slides below. You may also read our feature article here.

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The Importance of Stress Management

There are many times in life when it is pretty normal to feel overwhelmed. Making a big life change such as heading to a new school or higher educational institution for the first time, feeling under pressure during exam season or making decisions about your next move pre/post-university are all times when stress can catch you out and make you feel like you can’t cope.

So, prevention is better than cure. While managing your time and proactively taking steps to stop yourself from being overworked won’t stop you from feeling the pressure completely, it can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

In this webinar, let’s take a look at some of the best stress management and time management tips, to help you get ahead before anxiety sets in, or if you’re already feeling the strain, to take control of that energy and put it to good use. Supporting your body to be healthy year-round will help you to cope with stress before it starts. Many of these are things that we know we should be doing but when things get busy, it is easy to forget about prioritizing them.

About the Speaker

Felix has over 30 years of international F&B experience. His achievement roles were in areas of F&B operations, franchising development of systems and strategies, business development, marketing, human resource and finance.

· COO of Milano Coffee JSC, Vietnam (over 1,500 franchised coffee shops across Vietnam)

· Director of Franchise Administration & Business for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (30 countries across SEA, East Asia & Middle East)

· Head of Franchise Development for PastaMania Singapore (10 countries across SEA, East Asia & Middle East)

· Felix holds a B.Sc. Business Studies & Economics from University of Western Australia and an Advanced Diploma in International Franchise Law from University of New South Wales, Australia