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Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC) Vicky Wang joined Our Army looking forward to a meaningful career characterised by the esprit de corps of the Army. Since taking up the SAF Merit Scholarship, she has enjoyed opportunities to lead a battalion on the battlefield and to formulate strategies at the policy level as the head of the G1-Army Personnel Development Branch.

What Can Someone Expect From a Career in Our Army?

Everyone grows and develops in Our Army, regardless of gender. You will be trained to reach and expand your mental and physical bounds, and emerge all the better for it. However, you will never face challenges alone. From completing missions to planning policies, you will be working alongside like-minded comrades-in-arms. With every challenge I overcome, I grow and become more confident. Our Army has taught me that I can be more and do more than I can ever imagine.

How Has Taking up the Scholarship Helped?

I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree (Liberal Arts in Psychology and Political Science) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, and a Master’s Degree in International Security from Massey University, New Zealand. The educational support I received – coupled with the many professional courses and training opportunities Our Army provides – has helped me mature and grow as an individual. It has also put me in good stead to take on command roles as a leader in the field.

What’s the Best Part About Your Job?

The best parts of the job are the opportunities to lead. It’s like no other, and found nowhere else. You are responsible for the mission of the unit, its operational readiness and the well-being of your soldiers. From the time you have taken the oath to be a commander, you are in charge. Everything that happens or does not happen is on your charge, and wholly your responsibility. You get to enjoy the autonomy and joyful ‘burden’ of making a difference to the lives of soldiers and Singapore’s national defence.

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SAF Merit Scholarship
Head Personnel Development  
Branch, G1-Army

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