A Fulfilling Experience Helping Patients

Scholarship Guide MOHH Scholar Lee Yan Yi

Like her elder sisters, Lee Yan Yi chooses to be a healthcare professional.

Why did you choose the scholarship? Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I chose this scholarship as I was influenced by my elder sisters, who were both healthcare scholars as well. Throughout their scholarship journey, they underwent many interesting experiences and learning opportunities that helped them become Speech Therapists. And now, they are making positive differences in their patients’ lives every day. Hence, I wish to be a health professional too. With my sisters’ encouragement, I shadowed some Diagnostic Radiographers after my A-Levels, and the rest is history.

Upon graduation, I would be working in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital as a Diagnostic Radiographer. I see myself facing new challenges and picking up new knowledge in the clinical setting, and helping more patients in their process of recovery. Perhaps with a little more time and training, I’ll be working with my sisters in performing videofluoroscopy! I also hope to contribute back to SIT in the area of clinical education.

What do you think makes the scholarship stand out from the other scholarships and how has it suited your personality and interests?

This scholarship fits nicely to my field of interest. In addition, the scholarship offers many opportunities for personal development, aside from the fundamental financial support. Also, for the workplace, MOHH assigns us either according to our order of preference or the distance from our home, which I find rather accommodating.

I am privileged to be in the exco of the Singapore Healthcare Society (SHS), a network of scholars, as a Community Involvement Project (CIP) deputy, which suits my interest in giving back to our society. I am thankful that MOHH provided full support for all SHS activities including CIP projects, and let us choose our beneficiaries and plan our CIP activities. The experience had been a fulfilling one, and I felt that I had matured a little more. I hope that our activities had truly benefited the community and other scholars as well.

What kinds of career and personal ­developmental opportunities does the ­company provide its scholars?

Based on my limited knowledge, I understand that MOHH has dedicated a ­Scholars Development Fund (SDF) for all scholars to utilise for career and ­personal development. This fund even allows scholars to go overseas for conferences, ­exchange programmes, clinical placements, ­community involvement programmes, etc; activities that are deemed to be beneficial for the scholars’ development and are relevant to their profession.

The SHS exco organises a multitude of activities, providing many opportunities for experience-sharing, networking and community involvement, thereby allowing scholars to develop and grow. The SHS has charters in the UK and Australia as well, providing strong support to overseas scholars. Scholars can expect to make new friends through volunteering at Pearl’s Hill Care Home, attending dialect workshops, and other fun activities such as bubble soccer. Do participate actively if you are joining us in this exciting scholarship journey!

What qualities are essential to have if a student is interested in the scholarship?

I think that it is crucial for students to fully understand what the scholarship and the chosen profession entails, so as to make an informed decision. Students interested in healthcare scholarships should have a strong sense of responsibility, integrity and empathy. Aside from academic pursuits, they should also be active in other activities as well; be it in sports, arts, or ­community service. These will help to expand your horizon and develop your character and hence enabling you to face challenges with ­tenacity.

Healthcare Merit Award
Now: Year 2 pursuing BSc (Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography, Singapore Institute of Technology
From: National JC

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