Scholarship Guide Webinar: The Mastery of Content Marketing: Learning From Brands Who Do It Best


Thank you everyone for taking part in the final instalment of Scholarship Guide Webinar series 2022. For those who have missed our webinar session, you may view the recording below. Our featured write-up will be available soon.

Webinar Replay

In today’s new digital era, we consume content like never before. Every minute, every second of the day, content access is at our fingertips. No wonder we say “content is king”.

Any business who wants to develop a relationship with the consumer must have a sound and holistic content strategy, providing relevant information to the consumer at various touchpoints of the customer journey. 

The evolution of digital marketing has also given rise to a growing pool of influencers, who would craft unique content and build their own personal brands on social media platforms. According to a report by McKinsey in 2022, influencer marketing has seen an explosive growth, and it is now a critical marketing channel that generates twice the sales compared to paid advertising. 

With more and more businesses vying to gain content advantage, it is no wonder content marketing is one of the fastest growing domain in marketing employment. According to the latest statistics by LinkedIn Singapore, content marketing roles make up over 20% (4,000 out of 18,000) of all marcomm job vacancies on the platform. 

Are you curious about how content work wonders for businesses and why influencer marketing is all the hype? 

Save the date of our upcoming Scholarship Guide webinar, as we invite Dr. Wei, Senior Lecturer in Marketing Programmme at SUSS, to share how prominent brands deploy successful marketing content strategies to benefit their business and how companies leverage the power of influencer marketing to build personal connections with consumers. 

You can also learn more about the content marketing programmes offered by SUSS (at both graduate and undergraduate levels), where students undergo hands-on training in generating content ideas, selecting content topics, designing social media graphics, and editing video components.

About the Speaker

Dr. Wei obtained her Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore and has been teaching with SUSS since 2015. Her research interests include consumer behaviour and social interaction. She has contributed articles in publications such as the Journal of Retailing, the European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Advertising Research, and more. Dr. Wei is also a social media influencer with over 600,000 followers on Sina Weibo.