Scholarship Guide 2023 Vol. 2 – E-Magazine

When we were young, we were okay with falling. Everyone embraced it as part of learning to walk. But as we get older, somehow, the cute clumsiness is no longer celebrated. Falling starts to hurt more, and we start associating our trips and stumbles with embarrassing mistakes, defeating setbacks, and self-imagined grave consequences. As a result, we wind up resisting falling and fearing failure, putting our self-worth on the line. How did all that happen?

The truth is, you have fallen more times than you can remember when learning to walk. Now, as you stand at the crossroads contemplating your higher education and career path ahead, you are learning to fly. Will you fall? Most definitely, and repeatedly, we guarantee you that. So, you must as well fall gracefully.

Who better to seek advice on landing hard falls than from a movie star who performs her own daredevil stunts? In this edition of Scholarship Guide, we share the empowering wisdom of acclaimed actress Michelle Yeoh, who teaches us how to “survive the fall in three easy steps” as part of her inspiring commencement speech to the Harvard Law School class of 2023.

For those seeking cold, hard evidence to prove that setbacks can pave the way to victory, we now have data science to provide tangible insights into the dynamics of failure, including a success formula on how to break the cycle of failure.

Besides a line-up of personal stories from scholars recounting their scholarship journey ups and downs, you can also find insightful tips on how to enter the workforce confidently as a fresh graduate, why you should explore unconventional career paths, and how a strong social support system can lift you in tough times and contribute to your future success.

We hope you muster the strength and courage to look the future in the eye and say, “I’m ready.” As always, your Scholarship Guide team stands behind you, and we cheer you on every step of the way.