Scholarship Guide 2022

Volume 2

Publisher’s Note

There is never the right time to talk about care.

Care is like a room of infinite space, where the door is always open. You can welcome others or pay someone else a visit. It works both ways, and in every way, it is rewarding. 

Engineering Singapore’s Water Future

Wondering how engineering expertise can help contribute to climate change solutions? Shawn Seah, currently a planner with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, tells you how.

Two Postings in Two and A Half Years; Never a Dull Moment

Keeping citizens at the heart of what he does, Pang Hao Yang, 26, undertook additional roles to combat covid-19 and dengue simultaneously. Prioritising the safety of residents, he leads a team of dedicated frontline workers who adapt and execute measures according to the challenging times.

Ng Zhao Ying

Who’s Ensuring That the Food We Eat Is Safe?

Hear from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Scholar as he talks about how he pushes science and technology boundaries at NCFS to drive transformation in the food industry and offers his two cents worth on making the most out of one’s university experience.

From Exploring Cities, to Building Them

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Overseas Scholarship provided Toufiq with the opportunity to explore different cities around the world during his time as an Architecture student at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Achieving Tremendous Personal Growth in One Year

NUS Merit Scholar Teo Zhi Sheng has since finished his first year at the University, and his experience is nothing short of enriching and fulfilling.

Juggling Tennis & Dentistry

NUS Sports Scholar Tammy Tan is an aspiring dentist and a competitive tennis student-athlete. Learn how she balances sports and academics while making time to coach the recreational team, participate in community projects, and fully immerse in campus life.

Photo was taken when ME4 Ho graduated as a trainee

Soaring Towards A Higher Purpose

Military Expert 4 (ME4) Ho Yan Jin gained more than just an engineering career with the SAF. As an officer in the 808 Squadron, she leads and develops a team while serving with purpose in defending Singapore’s airspace.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

Major (MAJ) Katrina Pang’s leap of faith to join the Singapore Army has since propelled her into the role of Commanding Officer (CO) of the 35th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE). Here, she finds joy and purpose in creating meaningful experiences for her colleagues and those under her wing.

he Defence Merit Scholar

Exploring Future Possibilities

As a Defence Merit Scholar, Sonia Keloth has had the privilege of working with multiple departments in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). She believes these experiences will maximise her full potential as a Defence Executive Officer (DXO), contributing to the nation’s defence and security through policy formulation and other responsibilities.

Unlocking Your Potential in an Unpredictable World

How does a university make a difference in a student’s higher learning? The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) believes that every student enrolled with us has the potential to learn, grow, and succeed.

Engineering and Urban (Re) Development

Engineers, relative to planners or architects, may be less commonly associated with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Scholar Zann Tay shares with us how civil engineers play an important role in shaping the built environment, through some of the projects she has undertaken at URA after graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) with Honours (Distinction).

How Volunteering Helps Your Scholarship Application

Volunteering is a great way to keep those eyes open, and it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community.

What Did We Get Wrong About Gen Zers?

They’ve been stereotyped and called many different things: a generation of slackers; a strawberry generation (that “bruises easily” like the fruit); entitled, easily offended, and overly emotional self-obsessed snowflakes; spoilt, selfish, and arrogant serial job-hoppers who don’t understand the value of hard work.

Leaving No One Behind in Singapore’s Digital Future. Are You In?

In a society that leaves no one behind, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is dedicated to creating a Digital Future where businesses thrive in a vibrant Digital Economy and every Singaporean can participate meaningfully in an inclusive Digital Society.

Overachievers, This Is for You.

There’s a fine line between doing your best work and succeeding meaningfully versus being an overachiever.

Be Steady in the Face of Criticism

As you grow to become leaders in different domains in life, you must develop the muscle to hear critical feedback and learn how to deliver well-meaning criticism that encourages acceptance and positive outcomes.

Feeling Like You Just “Got Lucky” With Your Achievements?

You finally earned a prestigious scholarship and got a place in your dream university! But instead of feeling proud of yourself, you feel like you don’t deserve your achievements. You think to yourself that the review committee had probably overlooked something, or you must have just gotten lucky.

Navigating a World of O2O

We live in two worlds—digital and physical. Whilst we spend a good portion of our daily lives in the online space, our physical lives are rooted in the offline space, where human interactions remain key in many scenarios. 


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