Scholarship Guide 2022 Vol. 2 – E-Magazine

There is never the right time to talk about care. 

Care is like a room of infinite space, where the door is always open. You can welcome others or pay someone else a visit. It works both ways, and in every way, it is rewarding. 

The theme for this issue of the Scholarship Guide magazine is centred around care— care for oneself, others, and the common good.

Being so caught up with our lives, and not to mention having our eyes often hidden behind phones and computers, we tend to become blind to the vulnerable people around us who need our help. Volunteering is a great way to keep those eyes open, and it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community. And who knows? Your volunteering commitment might just earn you a scholarship

Now, before we can be champions for each other, we must find the champion within ourselves. So please don’t forget to practise self-care. In the following pages, we have got chill pill tips for the “overachievers” among us, especially those addicted to wearing “busyness” as a badge of honour. The “imposter syndrome” is also real, a condition describing people who harbour the inferior, catastrophic thinking of how they are not worthy of their own success and the constant fear of being exposed as a fraud. Sounds familiar? It never hurts to find out why we feel a certain way and learn how to overcome it. 

We guess that most of you readers are Gen Zers, born between 1997 and 2010. And to you, we have a confession to make in “What did we get wrong about Gen Zers?” We learnt that despite all the time spent online, you are a generation most concerned about the environment and society’s pressing issues. You are prepared to use your digital savviness to keep connected with the world, educate yourself about what is happening, and use technology as a platform to make your voices heard and motivate others to care. Will you tell us if we got this right?

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