Scholarship Guide 2021

Volume 2

Publisher’s Note

With the year in full swing, Scholarship Guide is pleased to have introduced a series of webinars, launched in 2021, centered around trending topics of our times. In these interactive talks, industry experts share their knowledge and experiences on a range of subjects, allowing students to glean helpful tips and insights from practitioners in various fields. These sessions aim to provide students with salient and practical information to make informed decisions and supplement their academic and career needs. We are heartened to see the positive response and the traction it has gained since its debut. In time to come, you can count on more offerings tailored to the current climate. We certainly look forward to sharing more of these with you in due course.

scholarship guide Singapore Sustainability Scholarship scholar Vernice Toh Li Li

Engineering Gender Equality

Fascinated by how ‘invisible forces’ such as water and electricity power up human lives, Vernice Toh, 24, dived into the world of engineering.

The Call of Duty: Combating Covid-19 and Dengue

Keeping citizens at the heart of what he does, Pang Hao Yang, 26, undertook additional roles to combat covid-19 and dengue simultaneously.

scholarship guide scholar student pang hao yang
Scholarship Guide A Taste of the Future Shi Wei Fei

A Taste of the Future

Wei Fei shares why and how he sees himself being a steward of SFA’s mission in ensuring and securing a supply of safe food.

Scholarship Guide Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow COL Mikail Kamaluddin

Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow

Colonel (COL) Mikail Kalimuddin embarked on his journey with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), after receiving the SAF Scholarship in 2005, to deepen his skills as an effective leader. Leading by example, he challenges himself to go beyond the call of duty.

Guardian of the Sky

Captain (CPT) Ooi Li Wen’s passion for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) was stoked by her intrigue in the RSAF operations, as well as the long-lasting camaraderie found within. Taking part in security operations to keep Singapore safe instils a sense of pride in her.

Scholarship Guide Guardian of the Sky CPT Ooi Li Wen
Scholarship Guide Navigator of the Nautical Seascape ME5 Lloyd Chua

Navigator of the Nautical Seascape

Seeking an unconventional career where he could apply his passion in science and engineering, it was no doubt that Military Expert 5 (ME5) Lloyd Chua would be attracted to the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), an organisation which offered him a myriad of opportunities in the field of science and engineering.

Scholarship Guide Shaper of Defence Policies Melody Seet Jing

Shaper of Defence Policies

Driven by a desire to do meaningful and engaging work, Melody Seet decided to join the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) as a Defence Executive Officer (DXO) to give back to society.

Creating a City of Change

Identifying as a global citizen, Yttrium Sua, 31, attributes much of his learning and development to his liberal arts college education in the United States, where the tight-knit and diverse campus community allowed him to learn about different cultures from all over the world.

scholarship guide scholar ura scholarship sherwin lau

Smart & Sustainable Urban Development

Desiring to be an urban planner, Sherwin Lau, 28, set out to study liberal arts at the University of California, Berkeley. His career plans quickly changed when he found himself drawn to his electives in STEM instead.

Scholarship Guide Living The Dentistry Dream Nikki Batrisyah Karya Johari

Living the Dentistry Dream

Having a desire to give back to society, Nikki aspires to join the healthcare sector as a dentist. As NUS is the only local institution that offers Dentistry in Singapore, receiving a scholarship from this prestigious institution is a dream come true.

Making It Count at NUS

Immersing himself in everything NUS has to offer, Teddy, seized the vast opportunities presented to him. From a bond-free scholarship to becoming a student ambassador, Teddy is expanding his capacity and growing his capabilities at NUS.

Scholarship Guide Making It Count At NUS Teddy Zhuang Ziheng
Scholarship Guide The Waseda Way Cheong Zhi Yin

The Waseda Way

A recipient of multiple scholarships during her undergraduate studies at Waseda University, Cheong Zhi Yin found herself in Tokyo pursuing a liberal arts programme upon her junior college graduation.

Sustainability in Singapore: The Past, Present & Future

Our humble island was recognised and given the prestigious title as “Asia’s Greenest City” in 2016 according to the Green City Index. As a land-and-water-scarce nation, it is safe to say that sustainability is pivotal for Singapore’s survival.

Smart & Sustainable Habits Worth Cultivating: Introducing susGain

When it comes to sustainability, it makes common sense to agree with its vision and goals. However, many people find it challenging to translate belief into habits and in doing so, incite powerful change through tangible support.

The Tenets of Effective Communications

Not only does effective communication help us to relate to people better, it also allows us to build lasting and life-giving connections in different spheres of influence.

Scholarships: A Stepping Stone to Long-Term Success

The perception of scholarships vastly varies amongst students. Consequently, this has delayed potential scholarship recipients from clinching offers that could catapult their careers.

FAQs When Applying for a Scholarship

Recognising how overwhelming and challenging it can be to make scholarship-related decisions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to equip potential candidates with insight into the process and its requirements.

The Target Audience Is My Mother-In-Law

Scholarship Guide was honoured to invite Mr David Phey, a veteran in Singapore’s advertising and media landscape, to share his survival lessons and success stories over an hour-long webinar on 10 June 2021.

It’s 80,000 Working Hours & 40 Years Before Retirement

Speaking at a Scholarship Guide webinar as part of the Raffles Institution Scholarship & Career Fair on 3rd June 2021, Mr Felix Cheok, a veteran in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, put into perspective the total amount of time an average person spends working before retirement – to emphasise the importance of one’s career development.


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