Scholarship Guide 2021 Vol 2

Scholarship Guide 2021 Vol. 2 – E-Magazine

With the year in full swing, Scholarship Guide is pleased to have introduced a series of webinars, launched in 2021, centred around trending topics of our times. In these interactive talks, industry experts share their knowledge and experiences on a range of subjects, allowing students to glean helpful tips and insights from practitioners in various fields. These sessions aim to provide students with salient and practical information to make informed decisions and supplement their academic and career needs. We are heartened to see the positive response and the traction it has gained since its debut. In time to come, you can count on more offerings tailored to the current climate. We certainly look forward to sharing more of these with you in due course.

In this issue of Scholarship Guide magazine, titled ‘Know Your Assets’, readers can learn about taking the first steps towards maximising your potential, by first and foremost, recognising your assets. Whether these are found within you or around you, being aware of the available resources in your vicinity will enable you to leverage valuable opportunities for increased chances of success. When we think of assets, it is common for many to immediately think of investments and material wealth. As you turn these specially curated pages, we hope to expand your perspective by highlighting the various types of assets located all around. This can present itself in the form of our planet earth, academic and career opportunities and human resources, amongst others. With articles ranging from how to deal with professional envy to practical ways to communicate effectively, we believe our readers will be equipped to tackle the challenges presented in work environments by staying well-informed.

In support of our national efforts for sustainability, our team has also compiled thought-provoking articles on this highly-discussed issue and have shared practical steps everyone can take, to actively contribute to sustainability in both our personal and professional lives. In this magazine, we have included a special interview with the founder of a newly-launched sustainability mobile app designed to inspire and empower our local community, to reach for the ambitious green goals outlined by the United Nations. During times like Covid-19, sustainability remains an integral part of many businesses and nations. As we grapple with the initial shortage of supplies and growing demands of consumers, it is important to protect our assets and ensure continuity for ourselves and future generations to come. As such, we hope you find this publication insightful, enriching and timely.

We have taken the liberty to include a sample compilation of frequently asked questions which would be helpful for students deliberating scholarships. If you are sourcing for a suitable scholarship or would like to peruse more scholarship-related information, do visit our website to view the complete list of content and choices. With over 400 different offerings and myriad benefits, our goal is to provide students with fruitful opportunities and support you in your decision-making journey. Scholarship Guide continues to dedicate our utmost efforts to partnering students and stakeholders and providing you with updated information designed to propel education and career pursuits to greater heights. We endeavour to continually contribute to the development of strategic opportunities and expand our offerings to cater to a wider range of prospective candidates.

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for your steadfast support and cooperation amidst the changing landscape. I am grateful to our partners and readers who have contributed to the continued growth of Scholarship Guide. I wish everyone good health, success and the very best in their future ventures.