Scholarship Guide 2020 Vol 1

Scholarship Guide 2020 Vol. 1 – E-Magazine

Welcome to the start of the New Year. We hope that everyone has had a fruitful beginning to the year so far.

While some are already busy embarking on a new venture, there may be many who are still looking for their ideal scholarship. We hope to be of assistance to you with our lineup of useful information and great articles to guide you in your scholarship search.

2020 will be an exciting year for us as we have promised the launch of a new and improved integrated one-stop scholarship portal. The portal is your go-to place to help find the right scholarship provider, search and apply for relevant scholarships as well as track and monitor your scholarships.

This will definitely save you valuable time. We will also provide answers to questions pertaining to universities to enrol in and the specific, measurable goals you should set for your career path.

In this issue, we have profiled several successful scholars and graduates for their valuable feedback. Coming from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and studies, their stories will help potential candidates make a more informed decision. We take this opportunity to thank our contributors for their time.

The magazine also features the many different enterprises and the rewarding careers they offer. As preparation is key, we have included several articles showcasing issues pertinent to a job-seeking graduate. We hope that they can better equip candidates for their future.

Scholarship Guide continually strives to be your choice resource for researching, evaluating and applying for scholarships. We are accessible both online and in print to make your pursuit of higher education a smooth one.

We wish everyone all the best in your scholarship search as well as future endeavours! Have a great and safe year ahead!