Nurturing Our Future Leaders

Nurturing Our Future Leaders

No Army, no matter how valiant, can forge ahead without logistics support. It’s the lifeline for every soldier, the pivot for military success. ME7 Benny Yong (and SAF Engineering Scholar) shares how he and his team fortify our national defence and boost our soldiers’ training experience, all with the profound power of engineering and Combat Service Support (CSS).

Was It Your Plan All Along To Have a Military Career?

Since young, I had always wanted to be of service to society. During my National Service, I had the opportunity to work with an NSman who inspired me to join the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Tell Us More About Your Current Role and Responsibilities.

As the Commander of Army Logistics Training Institute, I nurture our future military logistics leaders and professionals. Together, my team and I create a positive learning experience for some 45,000 soldiers every year, ranging from recruits to NSmen.

Would You Say That the SAF Career Is Uniquely Rewarding?

Definitely. My career in the SAF has been offering me avenues of personal and professional growth—every single day. My job has moulded me into an adaptive, reliable, and resilient leader. I regard myself as a servant leader; one who continuously adds value to Singapore as well as Singaporeans.

“I Regard Myself as a Servant Leader; One Who Continuously Adds Value to Singapore as Well as Singaporeans.”

How Do You Think You Have Impacted Lives?

My interesting career path in the SAF has provided me with many meaningful opportunities. As a military engineer, I devised solutions that helped save monies and improved equipment reliability and safety for soldiers. As a logistician, I executed large-scale expeditionary logistics for 5,000 soldiers training in Australia.

My team and I also provided logistics support for the National Day Parade in 2010 and 2016. Now as an instructional leader, I groom and inspire young men as well as women, unlocking their potential to become better leaders.

What Is Your Goal as an SAF Officer?

I am a steward of our nation’s precious resources and human capital. Hence my goal is to continuously improve the National Service experience, so that it can remain a fundamental yet critical building block for our national solidarity and security.

Any Advice To Aspiring Scholars Who Wish To Embark on a Military Career?

A military career is rewarding, fulfilling, and enduring. The SAF is an organisation that will invest in growing your abilities and stretching your potential beyond what you’d imagine. Fear not, when you are young. Take the challenge. Live a full life without regrets, embracing a career that empowers you to give to society while according you the rewards of a meaningful career.

This article was written before ME7 Benny Yong handed over the appointment of Commander ALTI on 3 Aug 2020.

SAF Engineering Scholarship (1997)
Commander, Army Logistics Training Institute (ALTI)

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