Starting Salary of Singapore University Fresh Graduates (2021)

Your guide to the most updated starting salary of Singapore university fresh graduates.

Findings and figures are based on the latest Ministry of Education (MOE) 2021 Graduate Employment Survey (GES), jointly conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)—to collect information on the employment status of graduates approximately six months after the completion of their final examinations.

See notes below for more information.

DegreeCourse Duration (Years)Conducted ByNumber of Graduates EmployedProportion Employed (%)Median Gross Monthly Starting Salary ($)
Bachelor of Accountancy3NTU35388.73,000
Bachelor of Arts3NUS3339.83,300
Bachelor of Business3NTU24966.83,800
Bachelor of Science (Nursing)3NUS10792.23,500
Bachelor of Accountancy4SMU178863,100
Bachelor of Accountancy4SUSS7681.73,000
Bachelor of Accountancy & Bachelor of Business4NTU11691.34,405
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) (Honours)4NTU4763.53,500
Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (Honours)4NTU5463.53,797
Bachelor of Arts (Education) / Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education4NTU6198.43,799
Bachelor of Arts (English) (Honours)4NTU3843.23,450
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)4NUS11054.23,500
Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Multilingual Studies) (Honours)4NTU3763.83,350
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours)4NTU5353.53,300
Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) (Honours)4NTU4366.23,600
Bachelor of Arts with Honours4NUS6965.73,890
Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) (Honours)4NUS17492.13,500
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)4NUS28480.74,000
Bachelor of Business And Computer Engineering4NTU3797.45,400
Bachelor of Business Management4SMU37668.43,850
Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours)4NTU9266.73,340
Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)4NUS16292.65,243
Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems)4NUS6793.14,500
Bachelor of Dental Surgery4NUS431004,200
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)4NTU6975.84,000
Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)4NUS5153.13,500
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)4NTU83833,900
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)4NUS15878.24,000
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)4NUS9686.53,590
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)4NTU80873,500
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)4NTU19986.14,300
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)4NUS9081.15,000
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)4NTU3494.44,100
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)4NUS12675.44,200
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)4NTU32575.13,880
Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial And Systems Engineering)4NUS66934,380
Bachelor of Engineering (Information Engineering and Media)4NTU35704,000
Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering)4NTU98693,700
Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science & Engineering)4NUS4166.13,900
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)4NUS19269.63,800
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)4NTU23567.53,850
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Arts, Design & Media)4NTU4135.72,800
Bachelor of Science (Physics & Applied Physics)4NTU3348.53,700
Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) (Honours)4NTU10256.73,325
Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics)4NUS4384.35,000
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry) (Honours)4NTU7345.63,245
Bachelor of Science (Economics)4SMU12470.53,800
Bachelor of Science (Education) / Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education4NTU441003,800
Bachelor of Science (Honours)4NUS33457.43,528
Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management)4SMU18283.94,542
Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies)4NTU5178.53,500
Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Sciences)4NTU9168.93,656
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Economics)4NTU3955.73,832
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) (Honours)4NUS65973,600
Bachelor of Science (Project & Facilities Management)4NUS6066.73,200
Bachelor of Science (Real Estate)4NUS7068.63,630
Bachelor of Science in Marketing4SUSS3951.32,900
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)4NUS56265.33,500
Bachelor of Social Sciences4SMU8452.83,500
Bachelor of Social Work4SUSS3389.23,500
Bachelor of Sports Science and Management4NTU3152.53,300
Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Product Development)4.5SUTD4682.13,800
Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Systems and Design)4.5SUTD6477.14,000
Bachelor of Engineering (Information Systems Technology and Design)4.5SUTD8285.44,500
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation4DigiPen Institute of Technology3794.94,400
Bachelor of Accountancy with Honours3SIT9989.23,100
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Information & Communications Technology (Information Security)4SIT38954,100
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Information & Communications Technology (Software Engineering)4SIT3897.44,190
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Pharmaceutical Engineering4SIT5890.63,660
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)4SIT4992.53,500
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering)4SIT32973,750
Bachelor of Hospitality Business with Honours3SIT10374.63,000
Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours4SIT-Massey University3888.42,975
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering4SIT-Newcastle University3373.33,500
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing2SIT-University of Glasgow4695.83,800
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering2.5Technical University Munich3477.33,300
Bachelor in Science (Occupational Therapy)3 to 4SIT-Trinity College Dublin / Trinity College Dublin331003,425
Bachelor in Science (Physiotherapy)4SIT-Trinity College Dublin / Trinity College Dublin5898.33,400
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aeronautical Engineering3University of Glasgow3164.6s
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design Engineering3University of Glasgow6293.93,500
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics3 to 4University of Glasgow4983.13,600
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing Science3University of Glasgow5889.24,200
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Criminology and Security3University
of Liverpool


1. Number of Graduates Employed refers to those who responded to the survey and indicated they were employed on a full-time permanent basis as at the following dates:

NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS : 30 Oct 2020

SUTD : 19 Feb 2021

SIT : 1 Mar 2020

2. Proportion Employed refers to the full-time permanently employed as a proportion of graduates who have entered the labour market, approximately 6 months after completing their final examinations. Full-time permanent employment refers to employment of at least 35 hours a week and where the employment is not temporary. It includes those on contracts of one year or more.

3. Median Gross Monthly Starting Salary comprises the basic salary, fixed allowances, overtime pay and commissions. Bonuses are excluded.

Data on law, medical, pharmacy and architecture graduates were not reflected as a significant number of them were still doing practical law course/reading in chambers/under pupillage or serving housemanship.

Source: Graduate Employment Survey conducted by various universities