Scholarship Guide 2022

Volume 1

Publisher’s Note

Oh! Hello, New Year! What do you bring? 2021, to me, has come and gone in a flash, marked in large part by the gradual easing of social and economic measures as the world transits towards endemic living. In the past year, we have gotten to see our peers, teachers, and colleagues in person again. Events and celebrations are now back on the calendar. Some of us have even navigated travel with the reopening of borders. No doubt we’ve had our share of going back and forth on our modified lives, but most of all, we feel safe living in a country with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.

Engineering Singapore’s Water Future

Wondering how engineering expertise can help contribute to climate change solutions? Shawn Seah, currently a planner with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, tells you how.

Two Postings in Two and A Half Years; Never a Dull Moment

Keeping citizens at the heart of what he does, Pang Hao Yang, 26, undertook additional roles to combat covid-19 and dengue simultaneously. Prioritising the safety of residents, he leads a team of dedicated frontline workers who adapt and execute measures according to the challenging times.

Ng Zhao Ying

The Making of A TRUE FOODIE

A true foodie has emerged amongst us, one who dreams big and responsibly to future-proof the world’s food system, putting safe food on our tables. Hear from Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Scholar Lau Kai Kiat as he shares the motivation behind his commitment to shaping Singapore’s food future and key revelations from his Food Technology studies at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands.

One Day Fully Automated Construction Might Just Be Possible

Growing up, Poh Hsien’s parents used to tell her stories of their kampung lives—wherein those days, proper housing and infrastructure were sparse; flooding and fire within living spaces were common incidents. High-rise buildings, once thought to be impossible, are now ubiquitous. Even the bridges and highways that barely existed before are now part of the everyday basic infrastructure.

A Stake in Creating Endearing Homes & Nation-Building

Housing & Development Board (HDB) Scholar John Teo holds a Master of Arts in International and Development Economics from Yale University, and he is now a Senior Estate Manager with the nation’s public housing authority. From streamlining flat-buying processes to augmenting analysis-shaped home-ownership policies, John shares his professional development journey with HDB; and reflects on his nation-building role in creating endearing homes for residents and building thriving communities.

How I Found Nature, Or How Nature Found Me

NParks Scholar Darren Choo could have a second career as a writer if he wanted to; as he introduces a sliver of twist and gentle mystery at the start of his story, leaving his audience to wonder how a self-confessed bookworm found his calling in nature and the great outdoors; eventually choosing an unexpected career path lined with green possibilities.

Scholarship Guide As Diverse as the variety of life nparks scholar Tok Yin Xin

As Diverse as The Variety of Life

At the National Parks Board (NParks), there is a wide variety of career opportunities. Scholars can look forward to gaining exposure to a great diversity of professional portfolios within the lead national agency for greenery; biodiversity conservation; and animal health, welfare, and management. Hear it first-hand from NParks Scholar Tok Yin Xin.

Embracing Perspective in Urban Planning

Visualisation of a territory is essential to its planning. For Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Scholar Lee Yuchong, he has been visualising his role with the Singapore urban planning dream team since many years ago.

Scholarship Guide Embracing Perspective in Urban Planning URA Scholar Lee Yuchong

Once a Street Directory Fan, Now a Civil Engineer

Everyone has their eccentricities, and Yong-Xing’s quirk is to study the Singapore Street Directory. Now a civil engineer with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), he speaks about his peculiar interest and how it has led to his higher education, scholarship, and career pursuits.

The World Changes When We Change Perspective

Eleyn knows that—which is why she embraces her higher education journey with an open mind and energetic spirit, constantly exploring new experiences and always ready to challenge herself to consider differing viewpoints.

The 5Cs of University Life

For fun-loving Lina, who is currently in the fourth year of her Food Science and Technology Studies, this has nothing to do with the 5Cs of material aspiration—cash, car, credit card, condo, and country club. Sit tight as the NUS Global Merit Scholar takes you on a playful ride of her university life and offers candid advice on how prospective candidates can ace the selection process.

Scholarship Guide The 5Cs of University Life NUS Scholar Lina Filzah Bte Samsul Muarif
Han Dong at the 2020 Peace Summit, Bangkok

Teachers Are Role Models

A role model is someone we admire and aspire to be like. We learn through them, their commitment to excellence, and their ability to make us realise our personal growth. Whilst a role model can be anybody, Han Dong’s journey is a testament to how teachers can be some of our most influential and life-changing heroes.

Guardian of the Seas

Initially wanting to enter the field of medicine, Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) David Kan found his calling in the Navy to lead his crew on the ship to fulfil the critical mission of safeguarding Singapore’s security and defending our way of life.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

Major (MAJ) Katrina Pang’s leap of faith to join the Singapore Army has since propelled her into the role of Commanding Officer (CO) of the 35th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE). Here, she finds joy and purpose in creating meaningful experiences for her colleagues and those under her wing.

Photo was taken when ME4 Ho graduated as a trainee

Soaring Towards A Higher Purpose

Military Expert 4 (ME4) Ho Yan Jin gained more than just an engineering career with the SAF. As an officer in the 808 Squadron, she leads and develops a team while serving with purpose in defending Singapore’s airspace.

Exploring Future Possibilities

As a Defence Merit Scholar, Sonia Keloth has had the privilege of working with multiple departments in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). She believes these experiences will maximise her full potential as a Defence Executive Officer (DXO), contributing to the nation’s defence and security through policy formulation and other responsibilities.

he Defence Merit Scholar

SUSS, Our First Choice

What makes a university the preferred choice among students? Two undergraduate scholars of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Goh Zhen Han and Kok Xiu Wen, share their experiences as they navigated their choice of university and the transition to higher education. They also share how university life has broadened their perspectives as they challenge themselves by gaining new skills and pursuing new opportunities. These experiences have helped them to grow in confidence while making their university life meaningful and vibrant.

Multiple Intelligences Needed To Live Life Well

Think intelligence and IQ tests are likely to come to mind. Traditional views of intelligence base human intellect on the results of paper and pencil tests and statistical analysis.

Finding Your Mentor

We all need someone to guide us in life, from navigating the school system to entering the workforce, and it doesn’t stop there. As long as you continue to seek learning and development, you need not one but many mentors to grow and succeed.

Stay On the Bus: The Helsinki Bus Station Theory

From the wise words of Steve Jobs’ “3 stories from my life” to David Foster Wallace’s “This is water”, graduation commencement speeches are some of the best things to read for inspiration when feeling stuck in a mental rut. 

What Type of Learner Are You? Get The Most Out of Your Learning Style.

We should always be striving to learn and grow, but it takes time. Who doesn’t wish to learn faster and with less effort? By discovering and better understanding your learning styles, you can employ techniques that will improve the rate and quality of your learning.

Making It Through Stressful Times Happier

“Stress is like spice. In the right proportion, it enhances the flavour of a dish. Too little produces a bland, dull meal; too much may choke you.”—Donald Tubesing. 

Handwritten Or Typed: Which Notetaking Method Works Best?

Notetaking can impact your academic success. Effective notes enable you to capture important points in a lecture, organise information, focus your attention on what to study, and make it easier to review material. The question here is whether to write or type them.

Master The Art of Video Communications

The pandemic has accelerated the use of video conferencing and technologies globally. Familiar names such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Barco weConnect are video platforms often used by organisations for recruitment, onboarding, training, meetings, medical consultations, and even design sessions.

Study In Japan: Guide for Singapore Students

Scholarship Guide was honoured to invite Mr Sakamoto Shigeki from Waseda University to speak with students at the third instalment of its webinar series.

SG Student Insights Survey 2021

Every year, scholarship and education providers draw upon insights and trends to refine their offerings to catalyse students’ career goals, championing their academic development and connecting them to affiliated industries and the plethora of opportunities that come with it.

How To Tell If A Job Interview Went Well 

The second we walk out of the interview door is a feeling of relief, or is it not? Often, we start second-guessing ourselves after a job interview, focusing on what we did wrong, not seeing the many things we did right. So, let’s shift our perspectives to positive ones. Here are some clues indicating that you may have just aced your interview. 


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