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What Do Scholarship Committees Look For? (The Ideal Candidate)

The biggest question students have when applying for scholarships: “What are the criteria of an ideal candidate?” ​Definitely an important and valid concern, as knowing what the scholarship provider needs can help make the process much simpler. ​Ultimately, the selection process is still subject to different scholarship providers. However, the following are several general qualities and experiences (not ranked) that stand out to all committees when they are reviewing your application.

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Stop Apologising…

How many times have you said “I’m sorry” this week? In your efforts to be polite and amiable, do you find yourself apologising for all sorts of trivial matters, such as not responding to a text message, not accepting a suggested appointment time, having to rush someone, raising a question at a meeting, or interjecting an opinion in a conversation?

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The 80/20 Rule For Studying

The 80/20 rule is in everything. And this simple concept that describes situations where a small number of inputs causes a large majority of outputs can be especially beneficial in helping you supercharge your productivity and study more efficiently. Here’s what you need to know to apply it to your running list of goals.