Scholarship Guide 2021

Volume 1

Publisher’s Note

First and foremost, I want to warmly wish our SG readers a Happy New Year! Fresh starts are always something to look forward to. More so, when the past year has been a whirlwind, with many businesses closing down and the labour market loosening up. If anything, the last months have served as a timely reminder of how important it is to embrace change – whether proactively or circumstantially. We hope that many of you have found a way to harmonise studying or working from home during this challenging time. If not, we hope this publication will serve as an informative tool to help you put your best foot forward this year.

scholarship guide Singapore Sustainability Scholarship scholar Vernice Toh Li Li

Engineering Gender Equality

Fascinated by how ‘invisible forces’ such as water and electricity power up human lives, Vernice Toh, 24, dived into the world of engineering. Shattering stereotypes in this male- dominated industry, she believes this admixture of fresh ideas and diverse talent will bring engineering to greater heights.

The Call of Duty: Combating Covid-19 and Dengue

Keeping citizens at the heart of what he does, Pang Hao Yang, 26, undertook additional roles to combat covid-19 and dengue simultaneously. Prioritising the safety of residents, he leads a team of dedicated frontline workers who adapt and execute measures according to the challenging times.

scholarship guide scholar student pang hao yang
scholarship guide nus university student singapore sustainability scholar teo ning ginn

Securing Singapore’s Food Security and Food Safety Assurance From Farm to Fork

Ning Ginn shares why and how she sees herself being a steward of SFA’s mission in ensuring and securing a supply of safe food.

scholarship guide mnd scholar teh su chen

Designing a Future-Proof World

Fuelled by her passion in sustainable development, Teh Su Chen, 23, is pursuing a career that allows her to strategically plan the use of land to support economic, environmental and social factors. Through her job, she is also able to explore her interests in climate change and the environment.

The World of Construction: From Concept to Creation

As someone who aspires to improve the lives of those around him, Noorul Aziz, 28, ventured into the world of construction at BCA. After one year, he was presented with the exclusive opportunity to design and prepare structural plans for submission to industry authorities.

scholarship guide bca scholar noorul aziz
scholarship guide bca scholarship scholar daryl chew

Industry 4.0: The Evolution of Engineering

From building Lego blocks as a child to shaping the built environment sector today, Daryl Chew, 27, hopes to offer budding engineers a fresh perspective on the industry. He emphasises the importance of riding the waves of change and getting involved in the current digital transformation process.

Building a Heartland Close to Home

Amanda Lee’s passion lies in the planning of commercial facilities, which bolsters a vibrant environment for residents to thrive in. Through the curation of shops that provide essential services such as retail and food & beverage, Amanda hopes to improve the quality of life and enhance the shopping experience of those living in the heartlands.

Green Fingers & the Great Outdoors

With a penchant for protecting and preserving Mother Nature, Beverly Tan has seen more things than common people. From knobbly sea stars in Singapore to whale watching in Iceland, this horticulture enthusiast is currently managing several plant species at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

scholarship guide nparks scholar beverly tan
scholarship guide scholar ura scholarship sherwin lau

Smart & Sustainable Urban Development

Desiring to be an urban planner, Sherwin Lau, 28, set out to study liberal arts at the University of California, Berkeley. His career plans quickly changed when he found himself drawn to his electives in STEM instead.

Creating a City of Change

Identifying as a global citizen, Yttrium Sua, 31, attributes much of his learning and development to his liberal arts college education in the United States, where the tight-knit and diverse campus community allowed him to learn about different cultures from all over the world.

Choosing Teamwork Over Competition

Showcasing strong social skills, Pearline Pang, 19, decided to be a friend rather than a foe during her group interview. Cutting through the competitive tension, she allowed her confident personality to shine through and empowered her peers to do the same.

scholarship guide NUS scholar pearline pang
NUS Wilson

Studying With Purpose

As a student athlete and an aspiring physician, Wilson Ng, 21, is leaping into his undergraduate journey set on pursuing his passion in Medicine. With a heart to heal, he envisions his future to be one that works closely with and for others, resulting in the mutual benefit and betterment of all.

scholarship guide ntu nie scholar Tan Ying Rui

Education Marked by Dedication

Drawing inspiration from teachers growing up, Tan Ying Rui, 22, set out to make a difference in the education sphere. She endeavours to work her way up from teaching and connecting with students with varying needs to eventually becoming an expert in the field.

A Good Attitude: Amongst Other Things Money Cannot Buy

According to Cheong Shiu Hong, 24, academic success and other accomplishments are simply by-products of keeping a good attitude. By embracing challenges and avenues for improvement, one may naturally beget positive experiences as a result.

scholarship guide suss scholar
scholarship guide waseda university student Wang Yuelin

A Voyage of Learning

Currently situated and studying in Japan, Wang Yuelin, 21, describes herself as one who enjoys challenges and stepping out of her comfort zone. Her adventurous spirit has attracted rich knowledge and experiences which have groomed her into an open-minded and well-informed individual.

Valuable Life Lessons Gleaned From Surviving the Covid Pandemic

In light of the enveloping chaos that transpired since May 2020, is it possible to find a silver lining amidst all of it? Simply said, yes.

Best Practices From Influential Leaders: 3 Key Takeaways for Success

The best way to grow in life is to learn by observing those before us who have managed to leave a significant mark in the business landscape.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Course of Study: Virtual Career Fair Edition

A career is not something you wake up one day and decide. It is not always discovered as easily as it is portrayed in the variety of “feel-good” films out there.

Millennials at Work: How do they Dare in the Working World

Moving beyond popular opinions, let us take a closer look realistically at how millennials fare in the working world and how their unique qualities can be a potential asset for an organisation.

How to Achieve SMART Goals

Scholarship Guide was honoured to have been part of Raffles Institution’s Scholarship and Career Fair on 21 July 2020.

A Guide to Shine Online: How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Every former smoker can tell you just how hard it is to stop smoking cigarettes. However, there are a range of stop smoking commodities.

How to Work from Home Like a Pro

As we adapt to the new normal, we have compiled a list of pointers to help you sideline new distractions, and effectively work from home.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Pursuing Studies Locally and Abroad

Before you fantasise booking your one-way ticket to freedom, here is a weigh in on which is the best option for your future.

SG Student Insights Survey 2020

In 2020, Scholarship Guide conducted a survey to understand the trends and needs of students when it comes to education and scholarships.

A Guide on How to Create a Standout Resume

Let us take a look at general mistakes you must completely avoid at all costs when putting together your resume.


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